Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice Statement

The journal Glasnik Zaštite Bilja (Journal of plant protection) is a scientific-professional journal. Papers are reviewed by a double-blind review. Prevention of any ethically unacceptable behaviour in publishing is an important obligation of the editor i.e. the editorial board. No form of unethical behaviour will be tolerated. Plagiarism is unacceptable and authors, when submitting work for potential publication, confirm that the content is original and has not been published or is under review elsewhere. 

For this purpose, authors are obliged to submit a signed statement Author’s statement of ethics when submitting a paper for review. 

Our ethical statements and responsibilities for editors, authors and reviewers are based on COPE’s Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors. All documents are available on the COPE website (

All papers are copyright protected. Entire articles published in the journal can be freely used for personal and educational purposes, with mandatory citation of the source. Use for commercial purposes is not permitted without a written permission of the publisher. All advertisements in the journal are subject to the approval of the publisher or editor. Advertisers must not have knowledge of the editorial content. Advertisers do not influence any of the publisher’s editorial decisions or advertising policies. The journal will not accept advertising of products or services that are known to be harmful to health (e.g. tobacco and alcohol products).


  • The editors of the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA are responsible for all the content of the journal and are completely independent in the selection of papers that will be published in a particular issue of the journal.
  • The editors of the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA are obliged to accept the article for evaluation thereby excluding any form of discrimination (gender, race, religion, nationality, political and sexual orientation). 
  • Publication of scientific and professional papers in the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA is free of charge for the authors. 
  • The editors of GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BIBLJA must permanently delete unpublished papers and materials, they may not use them as their property or pass them on to third parties. 
  • The editors of the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA are responsible for the engagement of qualified and competent reviewers. 
  • The editors of the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA consider the article and the reviewers’ comments before making a final decision on acceptance, acceptance with proofreading or rejection of the manuscript.
  • The editorial board is responsible for the content published in the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA and is obliged to publish a retraction of the article’s content, possible corrections, and an apology if major errors are noticed in the article.
  • The editorial board guarantees that advertising or other commercial incomes will not influence editorial decisions.


  • Authors should fill out and submit the Author’s Statement of Ethics when submitting a paper for peer review.
  • Authors are responsible for all aspects of the article they submit for publication in the journal.
  • It is expected from the author that there is no conflict of interest for the article they have submitted to GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA.
  • Authors for potential publication submit original articles that have not previously been published or submitted for review elsewhere, and if they have used the work and/or words of other authors, this must be appropriately noted or cited. 
  • Authors guarantee that the manuscript has not been copied or plagiarized (in whole or in part). 
  • Authors should adhere to ethical research standards. 
  • Authors should cooperate with the editors to correct any errors. 
  • Authors should respond to reviewers’ comments in a relevant and timely manner. 
  • Authors are expected to carefully check any possible corrections submitted by the editors before authorizing the article for publication. 
  • Authors should obtain permission to use images and the like from the respective copyright holders. 
  • Authors can propose two to three competent scientists and/or experts who can review the paper. The decision on the selection of reviewers is made by the editors.
  • If the author discovers subsequent errors in their research, they should inform the Editorial Board of the journal and withdraw or correct the paper.

Author’s statement of ethics


  • The paper is reviewed by two independent experts in the respective field, who give an assessment of the paper and a recommendation to the editors. In case of conflicting evaluations, the editors of GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA reserve the right to ask for an additional review. 
  • Any selected reviewer who considers themselves unqualified to review the paper or is aware that they cannot complete the review within the proposed deadline should notify the editor and withdraw from the review process. Preferably they should suggest someone else. 
  • The reviewer helps in making editorial decisions, and through editorial communication with the author and/or the Editorial Board can also help the author improve the paper.
  • All articles received for review must be treated as confidential documents.
  • The review should be objective. 
  • Reviewers should alert the editors to any significant similarity or overlap between the paper being evaluated for GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA and any other published work of which they are personally aware. 
  • Reviewers must not unethically use the knowledge and information from the papers they evaluate for the journal GLASNIK ZAŠTITE BILJA.